Madagascar Photo Tour with Clock Tower Images

Madagascar Photo Tour with Clock Tower Images

18 Days / 17 Nights

Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean, ±400km’s from the Southern African east coast. Over millions of years, Madagascar developed a unique flora and fauna. This is the place where evolution has run wild and it has such a high degree of endemism, that it is truly a place like nowhere else on earth! Madagascar is famous for their remarkable selection of lemurs, primitive primate’s endemic to the island, brilliantly coloured chameleons & lizards, tenrecs, fossas, bats and rodents. Several early evening walks are also planned for this tour, in order to experience the “darker” side of the nocturnal creatures – first hand! This Tour Programme is designed to offer guests of all ages a unique experience. We concentrate on nature and not just lemurs or plants or birds – we make time for it all! A medium level of fitness is required, as we can do quite a bit of walking.

This Tour Programme is also designed to be family-friendly and photographers will love it!

Highlights on this tour include:

Andasibe National Park | Parc of Marosevo | Mantadia National Park | Ranomafana National Park | Isalo National Park | Zombitse Vohibias National Park | Renialia Private Reserve | Nosy ve Island | Berenty Reserve

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