Kenya Birding Safari and Photo Safari

Kenya Birding Safari and Photo Safari

15 Days / 14 Nights

Kenya is the most popular place to go on safari in the world, and with the numbers of wildlife available it’s easy to see why. The Maasai Mara National Reserve is world renowned for its huge expanse of open grasslands and its astonishingly large amount of wildlife. You will see lions, as they are found in large prides everywhere and it’s not uncommon to see them hunting during your trip. Cheetahs and leopards are less visible, but still reasonably common, whilst elephants, buffalo, zebras and hippos can also be spotted in large numbers. Take a safari on the Maasai Mara and you won’t be disappointed with the incredibly variety and number of animals you’ll see. If you choose to visit the great grasslands in July or August you will also be able to witness the annual wildebeest migration: see millions of these magnificent lumbering beasts move north from the Serengeti in unison. It’s a magnificent sight and an amazing reason to visit Kenya!

In Kenya you are able to cross the equator, and stand with one foot in the southern hemisphere and one foot in the northern hemisphere: it makes a great photograph, and is something everyone should do in their lifetime! Kenya is one of just thirteen countries that straddles the equator. Mount Kenya, in the middle of the country, sits almost exactly on top of the equator line and in a town called Nanyuki (which has an altitude of 6389 ft) you can stand by a sign that has been erected exactly on the equator line. Crossing the equator can be incorporated into a day trip to either Mount Kenya National Park or Samburu nature reserve. There’s so much to do in Kenya that you’ll never be bored: there are plenty of activities in Kenya to be squeezed into your holiday. Why not pay a visit and discover the wonders of Kenya for yourself?

Highlights on this tour include:

Mount Kenya | Samburu National Reserve | Ngare Ndare Forest | Ol Pejeta Conservancy | Lake Baringo | Kakamega Forest National Reserve | Lake Victoria | Maasai Mara

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